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Düsseldorf is a beautiful City at the rhine where I live. It has 573.585 (31. Mai 2005) citizens and the town is near by the dutch border. There are theatres, concert halls and many architectural highlights all over the town. One of them are the gehry buildings in the media harbor. Düsseldorf is also famous for fashion because of the fashion trade fair called CPD (Collections Premieren Düsseldorf) and the luxury shopping street called the "Kö". Düsseldorf is also known as little Tokio because here are living a lot of Japanese People and a lot of Japanese companies do have their european headquater in or around Düsseldorf.

The Town is founded in the year 1288 after the Battle near Worringen (German). This battle is also the reason for the competition between Cologne (who lost the battle) and Düsseldorf. In that time the catholic church was very strong and the duchy Limburg was to bequeathed. The brabants had declared their claims on that duchy but also the catholic church. Because of that the Battle by Worringen starts. Even the cologne citizens struggled against the catholic church because of the high taxes for the cologne cathedral. After the catholic church lost the battle because of a tactical error, Düsseldorf received as a town.

Düsseldorf is also known for the so called "longest bar of the world". The old part of the town has many bars and clubs where you can drink the locally brewed "old" beer. This is a dark coloured bitter beer served in small glasses. Directly in front of the Oldtown is the rhine waterside promenade. There are a lot of Cafes and beergardens. In the summer a beautiful place to walk, see and be seen. If you prefer a mor stylish ambient you have to have a look to the media harbor where are many clubs, lounges and discotheques.

A little who is who from Düsseldorf:
The Poet Heinrich Heine
The Writer Heinrich Spoerl, known for the "Feuerzangenbowle"
The Actor and Intendant Gustaf Gründgens, also know as "Mephisto"
The Singer Heino
The Director Wim Wenders
The Singer Marius Müller-Westernhagen
The Band Kraftwerk
The Band Die Toten Hosen
The Vocalists Doro Pesch
The Actress Heike Makatsch

Events in Düsseldorf:
Die Boot - A Watersports Trade Fair
Rosenmontagszug - A pageant on Carneval where every year one Million come to Düsseldorf.
Nothing so far.
Night of Museums - All museums are open for the whole Night and a lot of events around.
Japanday with a great japanese firework.
Düsseldorfer Jazz-Rally: All over the town you can see and hear all kinds of Jazzmusic.
Rheinkirmes: The biggest festival at the rhine where are roller coasters and so on and for sure a lot of beer in Party Tents with Live Music. On Monday don't miss the Gay's and Transvestites at the Schwarzwald Tent!
Nothing so far.
Altstadtherbst: A Culturefestival Düsseldorf
Season Start of the cross-country skiing at the rhine waterside promenade. The snow is brought from a Skihall near by and is synthetical.
Start of the Carneval Season - 11.11. at 11:11 am.
Christmas market like the famous one in Nürnberg.

For sure there is a lot more to say about Düsseldorf maybe this site will grow and more Information is coming. For any Comments or Corrections please contact me via email which is "joris at mocka.de"

> Posted on: November 20th, 2005