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Here are some Articles about my favorites which are Brittany, Reggae Music, especially Dub, my beloved Düsseldorf, a small online exhibtion with paintings and woodcuts from
Hans Binn
and an online gallery with works from
Artmocka – Rudolf Mocka – my Father.
joris at mocka.de


In 1989 we bought a House in the middle of Brittany. After six weeks of hard work, the house was nearly ready for living just one room was left. All the dark colors were eleminated and were changed to a colourfull happy way of living...

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Since nearly thirty years I'm addicted to Reggae Music. I started to hear Reggae with seven years, influenced by friends of my parents. With ten years I bought my first Bob Marley record and with eighteen I started to hear Dub music, which is now my favorite...

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My beloved town is Düsseldorf where I was born but now I'm living in Meerbusch, which is near by Düsseldorf.

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Hans Binn

Here you can see some paintings and woodcuts from Hans Binn...

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Here you can see paintings and sculptures from Rudolf Mocka...

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